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January 2012

Chai didn't want lots of kids over to celebrate her birthday when she turned 7. At this stage, she started to value some friendships from school and thought it would be good to have these girls over and do some girly stuff instead.

She selected this invite from my then kids store (Beyond Pink and Blue). We gave them out to the girls after school.

I set up a table with high tea style foods - cupcakes, scrolls, finger sandwiches etc. I'd found some cardboard high tea stands, which were perfect for this get together. To make them last longer, I cut clear plastic to fit on the surfaces, where the food would sit on, so I could wipe it clean and use them again another time.

We had fancy paper plates and roses from my garden. It was delightful! The birthday cupcakes were marbled butterfly cakes, with cardboard fairies on top of some of them.

When the girls weren't eating fancy food, I was face painting, tattooing and doing nails - for them. We blinged up the face painting. I liked making a crown styled design across the forehead and then adding a gem stone or some glitter.

We also had fun doing hair styles, adding hair pieces on clips. The girls really enjoyed dressing up. They are still young, so there was a lot to do that didn't venture into make up.

We played a game called The Friendship Bracelet game. Each person had a paper bracelet and they got a sticker gem, to stick onto it, for each question they guessed right about their friends.

I organised a gift bag for each guest, including Chai. These cardboard 'handbags' had things the girls could use during the day they were hanging out together, including the hair pieces.

We finished off the day by watching a movie and eating more snacks. Here are the girls. It was nice to entertain a handful of kids for once. More attention to detail.

*Note: I had edited these photos years ago on a photo editing app.



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