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October 2011

This was La's first party with new friends from kindergarten. She wanted a ballerina party, so we hired an outside party person to come and host the ballerina activities in our home.

Dancing Queen Parties sent Anna Ballerina to host La's party. We printed out invitations from their site and filled in the details to send to our guests.

I hung some decorations up to make it a bit more like a ballet studio / party! We already had the mirror ball hanging in our living room, so I added a purple ballerina to it and some hand made paper chains across the ceiling. I added a fairy lights heart to the wall too!

White poms hung over the party table, which I made. We were going with a mainly purple colour way, with pops of pink, white and silver. Purple plastic table cloth covered the tables, with purple plates and clear cups. Each ballerina had a pink chocolate heart and mini star wand on their plate.

I made another cake! hahaha, it can't be helped. They do taste great, just not look as professional as today's cakes.

Anyway.... I hand scribed this time! I bought La a little ballerina for the cake and she kept it. That's always a lovely thing to add to the birthday cake.

Anna Ballerina taught all the guests some ballet steps.

Then they played a pass the parcel type game, where the parcels were in a box in the centre of the circle.

Anna did some face painting too! La was presented with a crown, as she was the birthday girl.

I made ribbon wands (what else??) with purple and pink poms on top of them. They sat in a glass vase with some ballerina toys keeping them safe, until it was time for the young ballerinas to go home. They took one each, as a thank you gift from La.

All in all, it was nice to sit back for a little bit and let someone else entertain for once. I mean, I don't know a thing about ballet, so it would have been a bit risky if I led the party this time!



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