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October 2009

When it was time to celebrate La's 3rd birthday, it was an easy choice of theme - BLUE! She loved the colour. Organising a colour themed party is soooo easy! Anything goes, as long as it's in the chosen colour way.

For the invitation, I found a toy font and put La's name in it up the top, then wrote everything in various shades of blue. Printed it out on white paper and posted them out to our guests. We asked everyone to wear blue.

I made both girl's blue attire for the party. I was sewing a lot back then! Aren't they gorgeous??

First Chai's dress - I made it out of a double bed sheet! I was collecting sheets and chenille blankets back then, most of them came from the op-shops. The dress was a full circle tiered skirt with a fitted bodice that had elastic shirring at the back, with straps and a blue sash around the waist that did up in a loose bow at the back. Chai LOVED wearing this! ALL THE TIME.

Then Miss La's outfit was made up of a white singlet (that I'd purchased), added ruffles around the armholes, a front pocket on the front and a ribbon bow on one of the shoulder straps. The skirt was an elastic waist balloon tutu, which I popped in flower petals, so they could float around as she moved. I gathered up parts of the tulle for added fluff-ness! How fun, right? She LOVED this outfit. It was easy to wear and suited her perfectly.

Can you see the badge we added to her top? She really does love cake! I think it's her mantra.

On to the party details!

This was the set up for the food table inside. I'm not proud to say that back then we used all plastic throw away tableware. How times have changed.

We hung some streamers up on the ceiling. I crocheted a bunting that we hung on the back wall. La has kept it and it has hung in her bedroom for many years.

I covered a box with wrapping paper to hold rolled up scrolls of colouring pages. They came in handy for an activity at the party, otherwise they got taken home at the end. The images were a single letter from the toy font alphabet I'd used for the invitation. I wrote the letter on the outside edge of the scroll, so kids could pick out their letter based on their name!

I think these became a staple at my parties - the ribbon wand! This time in blues, with a blue balloon stick.

La was right into playing with dough at this age, so it was fitting to make up a big batch of blue play dough with glitter in it! Individual servings of the dough were popped into zip lock bags and each little guest took one home, along with a plastic shape cutter, as a thank you gift from La.

What the hell is this? You may be wondering who gave the really badly wrapped present?? Actually it was my Pass The Parcel game! We had an old calendar that was printed on huge paper, which the kids would use as drawing paper. It came in handy for the parcel layers, especially at the end when the parcel got too big for A4 sized paper. I scribbled all over the layers in blue crayon, for added flair. The gifts inside each layer were either chocolate or blue!

We gathered in a big circle outside to play pass the parcel. Mat played the music on his guitar (another party standard!).

This was our pinata - a blue jelly fish! Mat drew the jelly body onto a blue gift bag, which we filled with treats. Then we sticky taped streamer tentacles on the bottom of the bag. Good to go!

Here are the men stringing up the jelly fish pinata. Yes, we used the clothes line. At the time the clothes line was in the middle of the yard, surrounded by grass. The toy broom was the whacking stick.

Here I am with my brood of children! Na, I was trying to contain all the little guests before they went crazy on the jelly fish. Lots of blue clothes! Hmm, I wonder where that dress went...

The game in action.

The aftermath. I'm sorry if this upsets you.

Let's move on to cake!

My sister made butterfly cupcakes as the main cake. They were vanilla sponge with jam and cream inside, with a dusting a icing sugar. Simple and delicious!

I created the cake stand from what I had.

Starting with a large glass blue platter on the bottom, 3 cans in a triangle shape sit on it. I covered the cans in printed paper. Next lay a foil covered plate on top of the cans for the second layer. Add a can in the middle, then another foil covered plate (or cardboard) on top of that can. Lastly, another can in the middle for the bird to sit on. That's a fluffy tiara for La sitting on the stand, while there were no cakes on it.

Finally, La gets to blow out her candle and we all ate cake!

That dinosaur was a gift from one of her party guests and she did not let it go for the whole time. Perfect!



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