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January 2011

This was Chai's first party with school friends! Instead of having the party at home, we decided to take it to our favourite park to frolic in the sunshine - and grass!

I drew a lovely butterfly for Chai's invitation. We asked her guests to dress up in their party clothes, but they needed to be ready to be transformed into butterflies at the party!

Chai opted to wear her mermaid costume.... because, well, you know! What else do you wear to your butterfly party??

As guests arrived at the party, I painted a butterfly on their face and they got a butterfly tattoo somewhere on their body. I made the tattoos by printing my butterfly designs onto tattoo paper. You need to take a sponge and a bowl for water to the party. Pre-cut the tattoos, so guests can pick the one they want you to apply. You can see Chai's on her leg.

I made the butterfly wings out of scrap fabrics I had, with elastic arm and shoulder straps. They were made according to guest's favourite colours. I did some detective work before hand. I like to make things that the kids will keep and continue playing with long after the party. At this age, they are still into dress ups.

Each guest also got an antenna headband, which I made out of pipe cleaners and pom poms. Even the boys dressed up.

We played some party games. Here we are sitting under a large tree playing pass the parcel. There were stickers and hair accessories, glasses and other fun things.

Another activity the guests did was decorating their own butterfly wand. I made ribbon wands (as usual!) that matched the colours of their wings. Then I stuck a butterfly silhouette made from cardboard on to the top of the stick. The kids then coloured them in.

We then attacked the butterfly piñata.

I made one out of an old floral pillowcase and filled it with goodies. I painted a butterfly on cardboard and attached it to the case. I thought it would be fun to do a more gentle version - we were being butterflies after all, so whacking one would be very sad! I threaded ribbons through the opening at the bottom of the pillow case and tied them in bows. Each guest pulled on a ribbon and the piñata slowly opened, finally releasing all the treats.

They were blindfolded still, so they couldn't just yank the ribbons.

Here is a good shot of all the decorated butterfly wands...

For the birthday cake, I made butterfly cupcakes! Chocolate cupcakes with fresh whipped cream. I fashioned a 3 tiered cupcake stand out of plates and covered tin cans. No breakages at this party!

You've noticed the bell it the top corner of that photo, haven't you?

I used it to summon all the butterflies to each activity. It was effective, but you do need to let them know about it before hand.

One of our final activities was bubbles! I invested in a motorised bubble machine and walked around the park with it turned on. The kids loved it! Following me everywhere, catching bubbles, dancing with their wands and wings. It was lots of fun and a delight to see!

Here I am in my element! Surrounded by kids... it was a lovely party and everyone enjoyed the fresh air and pretending to be butterflies for a few hours.

This was the first party that I incorporated the goodie bag gifts into the party. The guests went home with: a butterfly headband, butterfly wings, decorated butterfly ribbon wand, face painted and a tattoo. No bag needed!



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