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October 2010

You probably remember we took La to the Collingwood Children's Farm when she was little and she loved it. The animals, exploring the garden, holding guinea pigs.... so much fun for a little one. So we decided to make an official party at the farm for our 4 year old.

At this time I had a kids store called Beyond Pink & Blue, which I sold party invitations, including these sweet Diana Platt ones. I scanned an invite into my computer (to get the placement right) and added the typed details, then printed them out onto the invitations, including all the information about where the party was going to be.

I made cupcakes for the birthday cake, so they would be easy to give out - no cutting up cake! We had set up some blankets at the back area of the farm where there was lots of grass, for everyone to run around and play.

This was the first time I made gift bags for our little guests. We were away from home, so I thought the kids may need some help with activities, if the whole animal thing got a bit much for anyone.

I made little fabric bags in a mixture of colours and popped in a few treats for them to discover at the farm: A bag of 'hay', which was french fry chips, Some chocolate eggs (which animal laid them I wonder??), a chocolate milk drink (how did the cows make the milk chocolate?), some tiny farm animals, a hand-made colouring book I made of farm animals and a rainbow crayon, which I had also made.

The kids loved it all. We had kids sitting down colouring in, some blowing bubbles (or chasing them) and others explored the animals - with their favourite animal buddy in their hand.



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Monica has created children’s birthday parties & grown up celebrations for almost 15 years. This is her blog documenting all these events under big blue beard. 

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