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NEW! Party Themes section

Big Blue Beard has more than 100 party theme recommendations for you now, on our website! All the themes I'd illustrated in the 100 day challenge are now uploaded in our shop. Each theme has a colour way suggestion, relating to the picture, with every product available in store with those colours now under that theme!

So this theme above - which is GEOMETRIC, by the way - offers the colours yellow, lilac, turquoise and white. You can go with what ever colours you like really, but this is what I've chosen to represent this particular theme.

Anyway, the exciting part is this:

Yep!! Most things in the party store are currently 40% OFF! We are celebrating all the new parties you'll wanna have. No code needed, as the discount is already applied.

I'm also clearing lots of items to make way for handcrafted goods that will represent most of the party themes, using the image on show and the colours drawn from it. Think invites, decorations, games and activities. Let me know which themes you are excited about and I'll get to them first!




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Monica has created children’s birthday parties & grown up celebrations for almost 15 years. This is her blog documenting all these events under big blue beard. 

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