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March 2012

When my sister was expecting her first child, we combined our creative talents and threw her a baby shower. We held it at her home and went for a pastel theme, as Mirella didn't know the gender of her child yet.

I handed out rosette badges with each guests' name and their 'job' relating to the baby on it. They were good for a bit of a laugh, which is what you need at a grown up party!

Mirella wanted to make a dream catcher for the nursery, so we asked each guest to bring something that could be added to the dream catcher. It was a lovely idea that everyone was happy to be a part of. Baby will have something special to look at, from all of the important women in mum's life.

Each guest had a glass with their name on it. We made a Berry & Cranberry Punch.

I made a disposable nappy cake with a face cloth rose on top. That was a bit of fun! It sat on the food table, as the 'cake'. Mirella got to keep it all to use when bubs arrived.

Mirella was in charge of all the food, as she is a chef! She made lots of delectable sweets, like these pink swirl raspberry and white chocolate mini meringues.

Melon fruit salad and lavender marshmallows.

Monte Carlo biscuits.

Chocolate eclairs.

We played a couple of party games, like baby bingo. The winner got a jar of smarties!

Mirella awarded some random jars with achievements to guests, during the party.

It was a great baby shower. I enjoyed doing a different type of party and entertaining adults instead of kids. We can get a bit silly, which is what it's all about really!



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