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January 2010

Chai wanted a colour theme birthday party for her 5th. It was pretty easy to know what colours to pick - pink and purple of course! She was right into those colours and no-one else could claim them as their favourite colours... there was no sharing them. They were all hers.

I created the invitation on one of those invitation designing apps (I can't remember the one I used - it was 9 years ago and I'm sure there are many apps out there now that would do a better job.) I selected a cute photo of Chai and filled in the details of the party. Then saved and printed them out to post or hand out to guests.

Everyone got dressed in pink and / or purple, which was lots of fun.

I made the standard chocolate cake, with a princess on it. My skills at decorating are awesome and seem to get better with each cake! hahaha Chai loved it, so that was the most important thing.

We played a round of pass the parcel. I tried something different this time. I passed around a basket of wrapped parcels and when the music stopped, the person holding the basket got to pick a parcel out of it. They unwrapped the gift and we then went on with the game. It worked pretty well. A good way to do it with little ones I think, as they don't accidentally open more than one layer. Mat played the music on guitar.

I made pink and purple ribbon wands for this party, as thank you gifts from Chai. (Which you can spot in the second photo.)



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Monica has created children’s birthday parties & grown up celebrations for almost 15 years. This is her blog documenting all these events under big blue beard. 

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