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September 2012

My sister, Mirella and I teamed up together to celebrate Father's Day this one year, mainly because she now had a child and her husband was a dad! Before that, they just celebrated their own dads, as you do. Plus we were starting to dabble more with putting events together, me the decorating and activities, Mirella - all the food!

We had the party at my house. Everyone had to enter secret headquarters by doing a special ring, knock sequence. Of course it was all very silly and we had no idea if they did it correctly anyway, but the main thing was it 'set the scene' for this superhero party!

We were celebrating all the dads in our family, only the ones that could make it got to be superheroes for the day! We started off with some bloke-type drinks - a nice selection of beers, red wine, fruit punch and infused water (it was a make your own flavoured water affair).

We came up with silly comic book style superhero names for all the drinks and food. It was fun to think of what to transform something boring, like water, into WONDER WATER! It really made such a difference. BAM! BEER! WOLVERINE WINE! POW! PUNCH! (Exclamation marks are the best!)

All the dads got capes with their Superhero names on them! I spelt their names backwards and that became part of their new secret identity. Mathew became WONDER WEHTAM! Can you see how I did that? Anyway, they were all chuffed and when they wore their felt masks as well, we couldn't tell who they really were.

I made a photo booth area against the wall and covered it with blue chenille fabric. By the way, the colour theme was blue, orange, yellow and brown. It worked really well and I found it easy to get things in this colour combo. I made some comic strip words and thought bubbles on sticks, as photo props.

Everyone got felt masks to put on too. We had an empty gold frame that was perfect as a photo frame that people could hold up in front of them. Seriously, if you just had a big frame for guests to 'hide' behind, you'd be set. Everyone loves it!

See? Here I am kissing my hero....

Getting punched by this evil villain. BLAAAAM! SMASH!!

Actually it's just Mirella and I acting. You probably didn't realise it, with our masks on. It's ok, that's what I was talking about before. Masks are cool. So are tulle ribbon tutus! I made myself a yellow one.

I made the girls some superhero costumes too. They were so into dressing up back then. They got proper masks though...

Let's talk about food! We had savoury, as it was over lunchtime and sweet treats (of course.).

I covered the tables with plastic table cloths, then made a city scape along the front of the savoury table. It was made out of crepe paper streamers and lots of double sided sticky tape!

Again, every food had a zany superhero type name, otherwise who would eat this stuff?? It would be straight to the cake.



You could get POPCORN POWER! with various spice powders. I printed comic pages in black onto orange paper, then made cones for the popcorn with baking paper lining.


You could even make your own NEBULA NACHOS! with STELLA SALSA! and HOLY GUACAMOLE! There was also MIRACLE CREAM! (Futurama reference there) Which isn't shown in this photo.

The sweets table was just as awesome!


COSMIC CUPCAKES! with their own comic sound effects.

BIONIC STAR BISCUITS! No fairy wands here!

And the ultimate superhero cake - a tall building with an insane amount of power sounds! It was pretty cool!

We even managed to get Gonzo the Great in all his super-ness on the table, as a cool prop. The napkin holder was a wooden toy stacking block. It's fun to look around your own home and see what you can use as props at a party. Look at the colours you are using and the theme for inspiration. You may see items differently!

I'll finish off this party post with a family photo of all these super heroes. Can't get any more classic than this!



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